Universität Lübeck & FH Lübeck - Master Studium Biomedical Engineering

Hochschule:Universität Lübeck / Fachhochschule Lübeck
Studiengang:Master Studium Biomedical Engineering
Studiendauer (Regelstudienzeit):3 Semester
Abschluss:Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Voraussetzung zur Zulassung:Hochschulabschluss (Bachelor oder besser) in einem Fach mit medizinischem (z.B. Medizintechnik, Biomedizintechnik) oder technischem Hintergrund (z.B. Mechatronik, Elektrotechnik, Maschinenbau, Physik) sowie gute zertifizierte Englischkenntnisse
BesonderheitenStudienbeginn ausschließlich zum Wintersemester

Informationen zum Studiengang (auf englisch):

This program's coursework is divided into three semesters. Each study program begins in winter semester and therefore, it is not possible to start studying in the summer semester.

First semester students will be enrolled individually in courses with the aim of achieving common knowledge for all. Students with degrees in electronics, information technology, mechanical engineering, physics, process engineering, materials technology or mechatronics will be enrolled in introductory courses for medicine and medical technology in order to gain the necessary knowledge in these fields. Students with degrees in medical technology will be enrolled in technical courses, as the main focus, in order to increase knowledge in these areas. Usually, each year from September to December an free intensitive German course for BME students is provided.

During the second semester, students can enroll in specialized courses. The common basics developed in the first semester will be expanded to include practical applications. This cousework will focus mainly on project-oriented teamwork. The university normally offers German courses on different levels each summer semester.

Third semester students will complete an internship as well as prepare and write a Master's thesis.